Marko HautamäkiChaos Research is neoclassical dark wave act that combines elements from cinematic and electronic music with avant-garde.


Chaos Research began in Berlin, Germany in October 2003 as an experimental side project of Marko "Gravehill" Hautamäki from such bands as Majesty, Two Witches, ex-SinMasters and ex-Shade Factory, among others. The musical style could be described as a combination of dark ambient, electronic and classical music. The initial idea for the project was to expand upon what Marko had done with his other bands, adding lots of new influences and aiming to create something new instead of following any current trends.


The first Chaos Research release, a limited edition three song cd-r ep entitled "Revelations" was released in September 2004 generating quite a lot of interest towards the project. In December 2005 the first ever Chaos Research concert took place in already legendary Boheme Noir party in Berlin.


March 2006 finally saw the release of the first full-length album of Chaos Research, entitled "Revelations" The album is a larger work expanding on the themes originally presented on the limited debut ep of the same name. The album was an exclusive Japan-only release through Deserted Factory records but is available from specialized stores also in Europe and Americas.


"Revelations" album seemed to open an unanticipated amount of new doors for Chaos Research and for the following few years Marko found himself working almost exclusively on film and game music.


In April 2012 the second full length Chaos Research release, entitled "Traveller of the Spheres" saw the light of day. This is an exclusive digital-only release and available via all major online music retailers. The material on "Traveller of the Spheres" was mostly written during the Berlin years between 2004-2008 and constitutes a musical foundation for all that has happened since.

Sanna Keltaniemi

In July 2012 vocalist Sanna Keltaniemi joined the line-up. The addition of her dramatic soprano voice and lyrics that often deal with themes like witchcraft, mythology, folklore and other dark subject matters, prompted a change in Chaos Research musical style to more approachable direction. Around the same time Marko started using electric cello in live shows, adding yet another unique feature to the bands sound.


Since then Chaos Research have been performing regularly in Scandinavian countries. Chaos Research live show is very different from traditional rock gigs. From audience perspective it is a trance-like experience where sense of time and space disappears.


In February 2016 album "Three" came out. This was the first full-length album featuring Sannas voice. It also presented the world with new Chaos Research sound where songs that on the surface were structured like pop songs, were married with never before heard musical content that amalgamated as totally new approach to dark wave sound.


2018 album "A Shadow that defies the Light" takes this new neoclassical dark wave sound even further by adding more cinematic elements and general variety. The themes presented on the album range from local mythology, swamp graves and ghost stories to science fiction theme of man vs machine. Song "Io (Inorganic Dream)" also featured a guest performance of American avant-garde electric violinist Lisa Miles.

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