All about "Continuum I"

The CDs arrived and since the digital version has already been out for a couple of weeks, we can now officially announce that Continuum I is out and available! It is a self-financed compilation CD chronicling the musical career of Marko Hautamäki from 1993 to 2016, ranging stylistically from ambient film music to death metal.



The CD contains 12 tracks. The first 2 are the currently active bands, then 6 tracks of film and game music and in the end 4 tracks of metal from early days.


1. Two Witches - The New Black

This is an exclusive mix created specifically for this album and doesn't appear anywhere else.


2. Chaos Research - Morgaine (acoustic version)

A bit different take on song "Morgaine" from album Three. Less electronic and a bit more ethnic sounding version. This version was originally included on the /33CR2014 ep but since it was a very limited edition that sold out in one day, very few have actually heard it. 


3. Hans & Stanley

This was the first of many soundtracks made to films from UK director Tim Partridge. Stylistically this is not very far from Chaos Research material but structured according to the needs of the film obviously. Full short film soundtrack.


4. Viimeinen Kapinallinen 

This is a small excerpt from the soundtrack composed for the independent feature film of the same name, directed by Niko Kostet. 


5. Unanimous 

Full soundtrack for US short film directed by Adam Hughes. Something reminiscent of mid-90's Danny Elfman style was needed and this is what came out.


6. The Resolution house scene

Excerpt from the soundtrack for the Czech/US feature film. This is action score for somewhat Matrix-y action scene. Directed by Petr Smelik.


7. Limbo of the Lost DVD main feature

Those who have been following computer games scene for a while will surely remember the infamous Limbo of the Lost game by Majestic Studios, UK. Full soundtrack (about 4 hours of music) was composed for the game, including level background scores and soundtracks for all bonus DVD content. The game was swiftly pulled from stores when it was found out that some of the games graphics elements had been stolen from other games. 


8. For sale

Full soundtrack for another short film by Tim Partridge. This one is somewhat disturbing, mostly atonal piece that paves the way for the metal tracks that follow.


9. Majesty - Embraced by Dawn

Majesty was epic one man doom metal band that was active from about 1994 to 2001. This track is taken from the album Doomsday Machine.


10. Northern Crown - Sad Eyes

This project included several members of death/doom band God Forsaken, that had already split by the time this one was recorded. The band only did one demo.


11. The Prophecy - Let there be Fire

Track from 1999 demo. This was a death metal outfit that later became the foundation for bands like Crystalic and Korpiklaani.


12. Ater - Moonlight Celebration

This is where it all started. The track is taken from 1993 demo and was chosen mainly as representative of the direction the band would have probably evolved into, had it continued. 


You can order a copy through our store page for 13,90€ (Finland) or 15,20€ (Worldwide).


In case you are wondering if there will be Continuum II, yes! It probably won't come out in few years at least but there were plenty of tracks that could have been included here but had to be cut for some reason or other. Of course everything also depends on how fast these CDs will sell...


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