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Yes, it has been a while since the last blog post. Quite a bit has happened cello-wise, as well as on other fronts, too. So I'll try to recap. The post I promised about electric cello effects is still coming, by the way. Unfortunately other stuff needs to be given priority for the moment.

Last weeks I have been exceptionally busy composing, recording and mixing new stuff. The new Chaos Research album is slowly getting finished. We have more than enough material for an album. Now it's a question of finishing touches, making some alternative versions and mixes and choosing songs to include, in order to get a coherent but sufficiently varied album as a whole. Some concerts are coming up as well. Details will follow in due time.

My other band, the gothic rock outfit Two Witches are also about to release a new album. Right now we have 2 songs left to mix and then it's off to mastering and pressing plant!

Meanwhile I also composed music for a viral advertizement video for a website. A link will follow as soon as they make it visible to the world. In the past I have done plenty of short film soundtracks, as well as advertizements and even two feature films. I will probably get some more of those jobs as well, as soon as the albums are finished.

As far as cello goes, I'm improving slowly but surely. The stuff I play on Chaos Research songs is pretty easy. After all, I can always tailor the cello lines to my current level of proficiency. Preferably even below that. I find in concert situations where there are always so many variables concerning equipment, setup, stage sound and general conditions, it pays off to play easier stuff and allow room for both improvisation and also for any unexpected problems. 

For about half a year now I have practiced the Am cello sonata from Vivaldi (RV 43) and now I'm starting to tackle the thumb positions. So I have found myself playing "Twinkle twinkle little star" again, only an octave higher this time around. I'm trying to find a sufficiently easy violin piece to learn in thumb position, utilizing the extra E-string that I have.

I'm still totally ecstatic about the NS Design NXT-5 cello! The fifth string makes a lot of pieces much easier to play (which obviously could be seen as negative thing as well, since that way I can avoid a lot of shifting around). I have made quite a lot of recordings with it as well. The tone knob has just a huge range. When trying to sound like cello, I find I rarely turn it past 25% open but when doing wilder effects-based sounds, the extra high frequencies come in handy at times.


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