Expectations: The easy stuff

I thought it might be interesting to elaborate on things I'm expecting to find especially easy or hard when learning to play the cello. Then after practising a while, I can go back and see if my expectations were any realistic. On this post I'm concentrating on things I expect to be relatively easy and in the next one I'll elaborate on the hard stuff.


I have been playing guitar for 22 years now and learned bass guitar and keyboards along the way as well. Therefore I'm assuming I have sufficient level of finger dexterity for playing the cello. Additionally, playing pizzicato doesn't differ from guitar or bass that much, the biggest difference being the position of the instrument.


Having played and composed music for a number of years has provided me with decent "ear" for music, along with the theoretical background that will be very helpful in providing a point of reference in guiding my fingers on the fretless fingerboard of cello.


There have been times when I actually played guitar for about 8 hours a day. Even if that isn't often possible nowadays, I think I have pretty realistic expectations on how much time and energy is required to be able to play anything on an acceptable level. Rigorous practicing schedule on guitar also provided me with basic methods, scheduling abilities and understanding on how when and what I need to rehearse in order for it to be as beneficial as possible.

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