"Kuivila" official video

Sanna has labored night and day and her hard work is bearing fruit! The song "Kuivila" is the opening track on our new album "Three".


The lyrics have references to locations and historical material described in documents from 1600-century witch trials in Finland. Several accused witches witnessed having flown on a cow or a pig to Kuivilanvuori (Kuivila Hill) in Isokyrö, Finland where they paid taxes to the devil who was supposed to live in the cave under the hill. Serious drinking and "sinful activities" were involved. 


Some info on famous finnish witches HERE.


And more elaborated story (in Finnish) HERE.


News article about witch trials in Finland HERE.


The video was shot in the actual location but the cave where the devil was supposed to live has been filled at some point. The location is sometimes also referred to as Kyöpelinvuori.


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