Learning cello: Day one

I played about 6 hours today. I feel pretty confident that the learning experience won't be quite as difficult as I would have believed. Sure, there are some difficulties but nothing overwhelming, I think. Intonation definitely is an issue but on the other hand it's not something that would require knowledge of any special tricks - just lots and lots of practice.


I'm having some difficulties with the playing posture and bow grip. This is something to investigate tomorrow. I will try different chair heights and see it that helps. Since the electric cello doesn't have a body, just a frame basically, pictures and YouTube videos aren't that helpful in this case. I find I often need to turn the whole instrument sideways in order to reach A string comfortably. Also I tend to press the bow too hard with my right thumb and the bow often wanders too high on top of the fingerboard. On middle strings I get quite a bit of squeaky sounds, especially when switching from one string to another. Tomorrow I'm going to concentrate on some basic bowing stuff.


I'm trying to find someone to give me few cello lessons. It would be good to have the most basic stuff sorted out as soon as possible so that learned bad habits won't become a hindrance in the future.


In the last post I mentioned trying the cello though Guitar Rig. Leslie cabinet simulator sounds just gorgeous on cello!

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