Our new in-ear monitoring solution

We went from using wedges to in-ear monitoring. Read all about our setup and tips for your own monitoring needs.

All about "Continuum I"

Marko Hautamäki compilation "Continuum I". What you need to know and where to get it!

"Three" is finally out!

After some delays, the "Three" cds are here and ready for your listening pleasure!

"Kuivila" official video

Here is the official video of our track "Kuivila".


Everything you wanted to know about the new album "Three"!

"Revelations" album almost sold-out! New album coming!

"Revelations" cd is almost sold out and new album is on its way. Here be the details...

New look on our home page!

I finally got around updating the website layout and adding some more photos and updates. 

Announcing CR/332014

Exclusive 3 song ep, available at Lumous Festival 2014 only!

Lumous Gothic Festival 2014

Chaos Research will be performing as one of the opening acts in Lumous Gothic Festival 2014. The concert will take place in Dog's Home, Tampere on Thursday 3rd of July. Free entry, but it will be packed full so be on time! ...

Back to "Twinkle twinkle little star"

New album(s) on the way, some viral video music and starting cello thumb position.

A Shadow that defies the Light digipak CD

Get it HERE!


Price is 13,90€ in Finland and 15,20€ elsewhere, p&p included.


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