Cello: Upgrading the bow

Upgraded my cheapo no-name bow to a Viennabow...

Some film music

"Gone with the Solar Wind" video.

Cello: The first few months

A lot has happened during my few months journey towards learning the cello...

A new site, a new (old) blog!

New blog space: an introduction.

Cello: The first few days

So, I had few days free from work and have had plenty of time to play the cello. As I suspected...

Learning cello: Day one

I played about 6 hours today. I feel pretty confident that the learning experience won't be quite as difficult as I would have believed. Sure...

Electric cello: the first impressions and the importance of rosin

So, my fancy electric cello arrived today. Quick unpacking and checking that everything is there and I'm ready to try the instrument!

Expectations: The hard stuff

These are the areas I'm expecting to be most challenging in learning to play the cello.

Expectations: The easy stuff

I thought it might be interesting to elaborate on things I'm expecting to find especially easy or hard when learning to play the cello...

Still waiting for cello delivery

I'm still waiting for my cello to arrive from Germany. Meanwhile it might be a good idea to summarize my expectations and reasons for wanting to learn the cello.

A Shadow that defies the Light digipak CD

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Price is 13,90€ in Finland and 15,20€ elsewhere, p&p included.


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