"Revelations" album almost sold-out! New album coming!

When going through merchandise to pack for the gig tomorrow, I noticed there are only about 40 copies of the very first Chaos Research album "Revelations" left. I think the label, Deserted Factory Records based in Japan, sold out their copies a while ago. So after these 40 copies are sold, it's sold-out everywhere! 

We are considering releasing it in digital format sometime in the future if there is any demand for it. Even if we do, it won't happen right away.

In a recent interview we already spilled the beans about the upcoming 3rd Chaos Research album so here's all the info. It will be the first one with Sanna on vocals (not counting the limited 3-song ep that sold out in 1 day). There will be 9 tracks, one of them instrumental. It will be released as digipak cd and digital versions. At the moment we are making final tweaks to the mixes. After that it goes to mastering and manufacturing and we hope to have the finished product in our hands - and yours! - sometime in September. We will announce the record release concert at some point as well.

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