Still waiting for cello delivery

dI'm still waiting for my cello to arrive from Germany. Meanwhile it might be a good idea to summarize my expectations and reasons for wanting to learn the cello.


So, why cello? For a long time I have been very fond of the cello tone. It's a sound I have utilized in my compositions frequently, albeit using sampled cello. Learning the actual instrument will also take my virtual instrument programming skills further as I learn first hand the possibilities and limitations of the instrument.


Especially compared to guitar (of which I have 22 years of playing experience already), cello is excessively expressive instrument. There are multiple ways to influence the sound of a single note while it's playing; even playing scales back and forth sounds like music! All these possibilities do make the learning curve a bit steeper but I fully expect it to be worth it.


Last but not least, cello is probably the sexiest instrument in existence. Just take a look at one and you know what I mean.

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