Waiting for cello delivery pt.2 - the revenge of cello delivery!

So, my first ever cello has served me well for the last 2 years (almost) and now I feel it is time to upgrade. I could definitely get more mileage out from my current Harley Benton E-cello but I'm not very satisfied with the quality of its microphone. The sound is quite nasal and requires sometimes extreme EQ to get a usable sound for recordings. Another issue for me is the traditional tuning pegs. Being used to tuning systems normally used on electric guitars and basses, the lo-tech wooden tuners feel very inaccurate.


For replacement I decided to get a 5-string NS Design NXT cello. Those cellos are available with either a lower F string or a high E string. I decided to go with high E because in band setting there are plenty of things happening on bass region anyway, so I probably wouldn't be able to utilize the low F that much. On the other hand the high E allows two advantages: firstly, even though it technically doesn't extend the cello range, it does make higher registers easier to reach, making it easier to incorporate more viola/fiddle-type lines in my compositions. Secondly, a lot of stuff written for guitar goes in E and this way it's easier to adapt that sort of things to cello without needing to re-think all fingering patterns anew. I think it's just a matter of time until I sneak some cello lines on Two Witches songs as well. Another advantage the NS Design cello offers is that on stage I can use it with a strap system that allows me to move around while playing.


At the moment, according to DHL tracking system, it has been stuck for 1 and a half days in Hamburg. Update will follow as soon as I have the cello in hand!

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