Chaos Research


Chaos Research is cinematic darkwave duo from Finland. The band started as instrumental solo project of Marko Hautamäki (also known from the band Two Witches) and after the addition of vocalist Sanna Keltaniemi the bands style evolved to more easily approachable direction.

The sound of Chaos Research is a combination of electronic and acoustic elements. Instruments like electric cello and shaman drum co-exist effortlessly with synths and orchestral elements. Sannas bright soprano and Markos deep vocals add another layer of interest to the mix.

The 5th Chaos Research album, entitled "Ravens" sees the band venturing to slightly more commercial direction, while still staying true to their roots. The lyrical themes on "Ravens" range from old Finnish magical traditions to occult philosophy and from personal negative feelings to tales of supernatural horror.

"Ravens" is released by Deepland Records in March 2020.

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"Särkyneet" video