Sanna Keltaniemi - Artist, vocalist, enterpreneur, green witch

I have been singing ever since I was a child. For fun, and occasionally in a choir at first. Apart from one year of vocal lessons, I am mostly self-taught as vocalist. Things started to get more serious with my first bands Vancyria and Kalman Varjot. Those were active from 1997 to 2003 respectively. Singing metal allowed me to find my own voice but also it taught me the different ways I can use it. Listening to lots of different kinds of music has given me new ideas and ways to approach singing. It has also encouraged me to test and stretch the limits of my voice. The final refinement and development has happened during Chaos Research and it is obviously an ongoing process.

Folklore, witchcraft and witch hunts have always interested me. I was 16 when I first read the story about the witches of Kuivila and it haunted me until I had to go and find the actual place. It took 15 years, several attempts and plenty of reading about local history and folklore. After that a lot of other similar stories had to be researched. Some of them evolved into song texts, some more are coming still.

2016 I attended shaman drum making workshop of Arcana Magica. Now I have 6 drums of my own, 5 of which are self-made. Two of them - the ones with deepest voices - are in band use mostly. Apart from personal introspection and band use, the drums get used on shaman drumming circles and spirit animal seeking meditations that I also organize.

Art has always been an important part of my life. Apart from music, I make tattoos, art, jewellery and clothing. To accommodate all that, some years ago I acquired an old house "Kuukartano" (Moon Mansion) as a base of operations. It is a legitimate haunted house that also acts as my tattoo studio and where I organize events and courses on folklore, nature and green witchcraft. It also has a shop, yoga studio, therapeutic facility and Chaos Research rehearsal space.